[Osaka - Dotonbori] Dotonbori Kukuru Honten 道頓堀くくる 本店 - Takoyaki from the restaurant with the HUGE red octopus

I have eaten at many different takoyaki stalls in Osaka, but the takoyaki at Dotonbori Kukuru Honten 道頓堀くくる 本店 stands out.

Osaka is one of many Japanese foodie capitals. It is known as the home of omurice (omelet rice), okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake), and takoyaki (little dough balls filled with pieces of octopus).

For the best selection and probably the best takoyaki in Japan head over to the Dotonburi area, near Namba. You'll see the place when you see this HUGE red octopus on the building.

There are 3 different varieties of takoyaki here, if you want to try something a little new and they also offer beer and soft drinks.

Have you tried any of the other flavors? I only got a chance to try the traditional takoyaki.

The octopus is quite cute. He holds a spatula in one arm and takoyaki ball in another.

Although there are many places that offer takoyaki in Dotonbori, Dotonbori Kukuru Honten's location, quality and price makes it a great choice.

Takoyaki batter is made of egg and flour, it's very light, and it is filled with ginger, scallions, and tako octopus. The real magic is watching the chef prepare the ball. It takes a master to make sure that it is cooked thoroughly, but also in the right shape. Seriously, this is a show in and of itself.

The takoyaki is then put into a paper boat and topped with Japanese mayonnaise, takoyaki sauce (a savory brown sauce), and bonito flakes.

This shop has its takoyaki preparation station strategically facing the road. Drawing you into the spectacle.

Also great about this restaurant is that you can sit and enjoy your takoyaki, if you're lucky enough to find chairs. There are two floors, with about 15 seats each floor, just go up the stairs at the back of the shop.

We ordered the original 8-piece takoyaki (520JPY), but there is also a 12-piece available for 740JPY.

Another great feature of this shop is that there are other varieties to try if someone in your party is not a huge fan of octopus, which also mans it is possible to get a combo set.

You can order the Shrimp Takoyaki or a Bacon and Cheese Takoyaki (620JPY for 8 or 600JPY for a combo of 4 of one of the specialty and 4 original).

They also offer beers and soft drinks to enjoy with your takoyaki boats.

They are served PIPING HOT and are best enjoyed that way. You will likely burn your mouth, but it's all part of the experience. You eat them with toothpicks, typically two. You poke the toothpicks in and eat it in one go.

Location: Midosuji Subway Line Namba Station Exit 14

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