[NYC - Washington Heights] 181 Cabrini Coffee and Wine Bar - happy hour

181 Cabrini is a coffee and wine bar/bistro in Washington Heights.

If you're into the Food Network, the chef/owner James Lee appeared on an episode of "Chopped."

Washington Heights is not exactly known for its great culinary options (other than great Dominican food), but my friend let me know of this cute little enclave of restaurants, cafes, and cute markets at 181th Street.

181 Cabrini is a pretty cute place to go for brunch in a neighborhood where brunch locales are few and far between.

The ambiance is a little lacking (kind of like a sports bar), but it is pretty quiet and very sunny. It is cute and homey, though. There are more traditional tables and chairs, but there are also couches and upholstered benches. There is also this great HUGE window in the back part of the restaurant.

We also really enjoyed the Happy Hour, weekdays from 4PM-8PM. The prices are really friendly and the portions are generous.

During Happy Hour, sangria (white or red), margaritas, house drinks and vodka drinks are $5, which is pretty great price in the city. The drinks were not watered down, which is also a plus.

They offer some specials on the small plates.
We opted for the fried Brussels sprouts, which were great! The chili honey sauce had a great, unexpected flavor.
Others at our table got the chicken and vegetable dumplings. These are Asian dumplings and are served with a soy ginger sauce. So yummy.

Just as I was getting ready to leave, another friend joined and ordered the kimchi pulled pork tacos. The plate came and they did look delicious.

The brunch menu is pretty varied, with a range of ethnic flavor/dishes to choose from.

This is a really eclectic cafe/bar/bistro to check out if you are in the area.

181St Station (A, 1)
181St Street and Cabrini

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