[NYC - Midtown] Wafels and Dinges - Waffles - Street Food

Whenever my friends come and visit, I always make sure to take them to Wafels and Dinges, either the street cart or the cafe in the Lower East Side.

What are your favorite dinges (toppings)?
This is the perfect treat and the perfect snack size!

Even Tina Fey loves it. She declares "dinges for everyone" in a television commercial for some credit card company. So, it's on the up-and-up and has a public star-studded stamp of approval.

They serve each waffle hot and they are topped to order.

These are Belgian-style waffles. I typically get the Brussels waffle (pictured), but they also offer a Liege waffle.

The Liege waffle is denser and chewier than the Brussels waffle, which is lighter and crisper.

The best thing about the Brussels waffle, in my opinion, is the fact that the sugary exterior gets crispy, while the inside is still soft and chewy.

It's just a question of whether you want chewy (Liege) or crispy (Brussels).

Dinges: These are toppings aka one of the best benefits of Wafels and Dinges.

I personally usually just go for the Spekuloos spread. It's so yummy!

If you've never had Spekuloos spread, it's basically the most delicious thing you'll ever eat. Trader Joe's makes it's own knock-off version of it, the all-famous Cookie Butter. It's basically a spread that tastes exactly like those Biscoff cookies (aka airplane cookies). So delicious, so indulgent.

But, from time to time, you have to go for the WMD (Wafel of Massive Deliciousness), which includes unlimited toppings. When my Korean friends visit, they typically order the WMD "as pictured" and, unlike most of the time in America, it actually looks like the picture when you get it!

If you are looking for something really different, checkout some of their savory waffles! This is probably a more "grown-up" lunch choice, but I'm okay with having a sweet lunch every now and again.

They also offer decent coffee for a cheap price! It's a lot better than your typical street cart coffee for the same price.

The cafe is also great, more about that later.

Check out their website to make sure you know where the carts are located: http://www.wafelsanddinges.com

A great location for touring is on the Manhattan side of the Brooklyn Bridge (at the City Hall station). Get your order and eat it in the park nearby or at one of the few bistro-style tables.

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