[NYC - Koreatown] Food Gallery 32 (Korean food hall)

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone! 새해복 많이 받으세요!
It's actually kind of hard to find decent dduk guk in Manhattan at a reasonable price.
We finally found it at Food Gallery 32 in Manhattan Koreatown.

My friends and I were trying to find a place to eat dduk guk (Korean rice cake soup), the traditional food eaten on new year's (설날, seolnal).

It is not a very flavorful choice, but it was one of the only options for us. The portion was generous, but the broth left a lot to be desired. The soup also had steamed mandu dumplings inside and was topped with thinly sliced omelet.

Like any good Korean restaurant, you get some banchan (side dishes), which was kimchi and spinach this day.

Food Gallery 32 is a pretty good meeting place in KTown. It is three floors and each floor has different food stalls. The first floor has a Red Mango, frozen yogurt shop, and a few restaurants including the shop with the dduk gook, it is in the way back on the left. The first shop on your left, across from the Red Mango, has pretty good steamed buns (왕만두) which are perfect for a quick snack to-go. I also recommend the jjajjangmyun (black bean noodles with pork) for black day (February 14 for single people) at Jin Jja Ru.

The third floor houses some other food stalls, including a Spot Dessert Bar.

My Bangladeshi American friend decided to get us some cupcakes at Spot for dessert. They were okay, not the best cupcake in the city, but definitely good conclusion to our meal. As with the original location in St. Marks Place, you gotta get the chocolate green tea lava cake!

Overall, this is a great place for a quick bite with a group. Given it's food court atmosphere, there are plenty of options and even the most picky eaters can find something they want to try. It is a little difficult finding food for vegetarians or vegans, but it is definitely do-able.

Also, the Spot Dessert Bar is great! It is less busy than the original location, so it's perfect if you want the authentic flavor with less crowds.

It does get a bit busy/crowded on weekend evenings and can be a bit loud.

11 W 32nd Street
Nearest station: 34th Street - Herald Square (B, D, F, M, N, Q, R)

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