[NYC - Midtown] Pure Thai Cookhouse

If you're in Midtown West, stop by Pure Thai Cookhouse for some delicious handmade noodles and other yummy Thai treats.

Credit card minimum is $15, so plan accordingly.

 I apologize for the strange quality/lighting of pics, the restaurant is kind of dark.

We ordered the Thai Chicken Curry Puffs ($6.50) to start. These were so delicious! I highly recommend them! They are filled with chicken, onion, and sweet potatoes and served with a cucumber relish.

The cranberry juice my friend ordered looks so classy, too. 

I ordered the Nakorn-Patom Duck Noodles Soup ($12+$1 for handmade egg noodles) (see above for picture). It was so good! The flavors were very deep and savory without being overwhelming. The noodles are handmade and you can tell.

 Others ordered the Wok Basil with Chicken ($11) and the Pa-Yao Beef Noodles Soup ($12).
 They highly approved of their dishes!

Pure Thai Cookhouse has a wide range of dishes available, so there is something to please any customer. There are stir-fried wok dishes, rice dishes, noodle dishes, and soup dishes. Additionally, when you order a noodle dish, you have a choice of 4 noodle types. You can also choose your level of spiciness (mild, medium, spicy).

It may be a little difficult for vegetarian diners, but there are a few seafood dishes and also a vegetable stir-fry offered.

All dishes are made WITHOUT MSG!

Pure Thai Cookhouse also offers a full lunch menu, the portions and prices are downsized.

Next time, I hope to try their Thai Tea. Other customers ordered it after I had finished eating and it just looks so delish.

The dining room is pretty intimate. There is a larger round table (where we sat as a group of 3) that maybe seats 5 right near the window. Since the room is so small, however, I am pretty sure that if more people sit at that table that someone will be getting run into all the time throughout their meal.

Otherwise, there are not many spaces for parties larger than 4. I think the ideal party size for here is 2-3 people.

We went at a really random time, so we only had to wait about 20 minutes, but I have heard from others that they have waited about an hour for seats.

Location: 766 9th Ave (Corner of W 51st Street and 9th Ave)

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