[NYC - Midtown] Chai Thai Kitchen (Columbus Circle/Hell's Kitchen)

Chai Thai Kitchen is known for having great lunch specials in Columbus Circle/Midtown West. You get your choice of 14 entree options and your choice of a side (salad, soup, vegetable spring roll) for only $7.95.

Our sides
With your lunch menu order, you receive your choice of a salad, soup, or vegetable spring roll (all pictured). I recommend the salad. It was very fresh and light. The veggie spring roll was a little bland.

One of us ordered the Pad Thai with shrimp (not pictured), Curry with chicken (above), and Kra Pow with chicken (below)

They have one of the best lunch special menu in Midtown!

The lunch set comes with the main and your choice of a salad, soup, or vegetable spring roll.

A wide variety of items (14 options) for only $7.95.
You can choose your protein: beef, chicken, or tofu or pay the $2 up-charge for shrimp or squid.

930 8th Ave
Nearest subway stations:
57th St.-7th Ave: N, Q, R
59th St.-Columbus Circle: A, B, C, D, 1

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