[Minneapolis - Stadium Village] Hong Kong Noodles

If you're a Golden Gopher, you know about Hong Kong Noodles in Stadium Village.

 I had been going there for a couple of years before my friend introduced me to my favorite menu item, the #379 Japanese-style jumbo shrimp fried rice ($12.95).

When you sit down, you are handed a very overwhelming menu. There are 400-500 options to choose from, so it is difficult to decide, especially for me. I am one of the slowest decision-makers ever!

You are also given a pot of hot Jasmine green tea. It's great!

As you can see in the picture, the fried rice is served in a hot metal pot. You are given a generous serving of rice and shrimp and it is easily shared between two people.

The rice is slightly salty, but because of the addition of sweet Chinese sausages, you get a delicious, well-balanced flavor mix with every bite.

I think my favorite thing about this dish are the little sweet sausage bits.

If this doesn't sound like your thing, just stop by anyway. You'll be sure to find something in their 400+ options.

OH, they also have a GREAT lunch menu! You get an egg roll and your choice of a soup or salad and a very generous serving of your entree (choice of 18) for less than $10. All lunches are served with a huge helping of white rice.

Location: 901 Washington Ave SE
Green Line to Stadium Village

There is free parking behind the restaurant. Just make sure to tell the staff you're parked there! They really do tow cars...and do so rather aggressively, especially on weekends.

Hong Kong Noodles is very busy on Sundays, so plan accordingly. There is a large after-church crowd cult following, especially since it's one of the only places to get dim sum in Minnesota.

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