[Seoul - Gwanghwamun] Tom N Toms - Honey Butter Bread

Oh man, one of my go-to snacks is the honey butter bread at Tom N Toms.

It is so decadent, topped with fresh whipped cream, cinnamon, and honey.

Asian toast/bread treats are so different than I think American toast is. The bread is cut into really thick slices and then barely toasted. The insides are still fluffy and you can still get that sweet flavor from the white bread.

Tom N Toms is famous for this bread and also for pretzels. I much prefer the honey butter bread, though as an afternoon pick-me-up or a study snack.


Tom N Toms has some Morning Set offers, I think the availability depends on location, however.
We got the hot americano and a half bread for 4,500KRW, so 2 americanos and a whole bread for 9,000KRW, which is very reasonable considering the price of coffees in Korea.

We also got a different morning set which included an iced tea and a garlic butter bread for the same price.

Something to note about garlic butter bread in Korea. It is topped with honey or sugar syrup. It always surprises me the first time I get it, just because I am accustomed to having a more savory garlic toast.

This is definitely a lighter bread for the morning, but to each his own.

You can also get a hot dog pretzel if that's more your style for a slightly different price.

The cafes are all over Korea, and there are some others abroad, including in Los Angeles.

I usually go to the one near Ewha University station (line 2) or the one in Sinchon, just because of convenience to my apartments and schools/work.

 The one at Ewha University station is typically less busy, so it's perfect for studying. There are two levels and there is an outdoor terrace area.

The Sinchon location, right in the main street, is pretty busy usually and it is open 24 hours.

For the morning sets, we visited the Tom N Toms location right next to the Ramada Hotel and Suites - Namdaemun. (Near Seoul City Hall)

But, just pop into any location and have a taste of the bread. Your only regret will be trying it the first time.

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