[Seoul - Gangnam] Caffe Bene Strawberry Cheesecake Bingsu (딸기치즈빙수)

Yet another bingsu post for Caffe Bene, this time for Caffe Bene's Strawberry Cheesecake bingsu (딸기치즈빙수)!

There are just so many different varieties available, you can go multiple times per week and get something new each time!

I think this is a pretty new menu item introduced to celebrate strawberry season!

I also think it's hilarious that you get a slice of New York-style cheesecake on top of your bingsu! I mean, look at that!

The flavor is pretty light, not overly sugary, but sadly the strawberry syrup is a little artificial.

The bingsu is topped with fresh strawberries, that comical slice of cheesecake, and a ton of fresh whipped cream. The bottom layer of the bingsu is strawberry syrup and a little bit of milk.

This is definitely a fresh treat that makes me excited for summer.

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