[Chicago] Portillo's Chicago Dogs

Chicago-style dogs are iconic Chicago eats. THE place to get your dog is Portillo's. There are plenty of locations all around Chicago.

If you don't know a Chicago dog is a steamed all-beef dog served on a poppy seed bun. It is topped with yellow mustard (NEVER ketchup, yay!), chopped white onions, sweet relish, tomato slices, and pickled peppers.

Although ketchup is not ever to be included on a Chicago-style dog, you can request it on the side and add it yourself.

At Portillo's, the dog is a Vienna Beef dog. It was very good. With each bite, you get a "snap."

The buns were very fresh and the dog was very filling, thanks to all the toppings. The best bite is when you get some of all the flavors at one time.

We also got an order of cheese fries and an order of regular fries.

If this garden dog is not your thing, chili dogs (the least photogenic of all dogs), hot Italian beef sandwiches (also a very popular Chicago food), cheese dogs, hamburgers, salads, and regular diner fare. The location I visited in Schaumburg, IL also has a pasta counter, so that expands your options even more.

Also, the chocolate cake is FAMOUS! Chocolate cake is not my thing, so I opted out, but my friends have all raved about the cake!

What would a diner be without milkshakes? Not much of a diner, that's what. Check out the Chocolate Cake Shake and you will not be disappointed.

This meal was SO CHEAP! It's great. We got a 1 Chicago dog, 1 chili dog, 1 regular fries, 1 cheese fries, and 1 soda for roughly $12.

It is a 50s-style diner feel, including the music choice. Go to the counter to place your order, then wait until your number is called for pickup.

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