[Seoul - Sinchon] Kongbul 콩불 - Spicy bulgogi and bean sprouts

Kongbul serves spicy bean sprouts with thinly sliced meat in Seoul.

We got the original Kongbul, but there are other menu options, too.

Kong refers to the bean, bean sprouts in Korean is kong namool, and bul means fire in Korean. So that gives you spicy bean sprouts.

Kongbul is known for its really spicy food and quick service.

I prepared myself a lot for super spicy food, so I was ready mentally for it. It was spicy, but was not spicy like Halmoni Naengmyun was. Maybe I was prepared for it, but maybe it was just not that spicy.

If you're worried about the spice level, you can scrape off some of the red paste before cooking it.

You are served a pot of miyeok soup (Korean seaweed soup). This will also help you cut the heat.
The meat is shaved very thinly and sits atop a bunch of bean sprouts, there were way more bean sprouts than I had anticipated.

Make sure you order bokkeumbap (fried rice) for after you're done. The flavor is great! They make it on the same pan as your meat and bean sprouts were on, so the rice is flavored by the sauce.

We got the original kongbul (5,000KRW per serving). If you want to try something a little different, you can get the oh sam kongbul 오삼콩불 (7,000KRW), which is the original kongbul with pieces of squid added. Or, if you are not into spicy food at all, you can also get the sweet version of it instead, dal dal bulgogi 달달불고기. There is no red sauce on it at all.

You can order toppings/additions to your food, too.
If you want extra meat, make sure to order the 고기사리 gogi sari. Otherwise, you can add udon noodles 우동사리, dduk 떡, or cheese 치즈.

It is a chain, so there are plenty of other locations around Seoul, but I went to the one in Sinchon because it was right by Yonsei University.

Sinchon: Exit Sinchon Station (Line 2) by the red chimney. Walk toward the Yonsei main gate, staying on the left side of the road. When you get to the pharmacy n the corner right before the main gate, turn left. It is right across from Yale Town.

The entrance is very characteristic, so if you see somewhere like this, it's kongbul.

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