[Minneapolis - UMN] Keefer Court - Chinese Bakery and Cafe

Keefer Court is one of the the only Chinese bakeries in Minnesota.


One of the things I miss most about living in Asia is Asian bread and pastries, so I had to have a try.

I got an egg tart, pineapple bread, and a roll cake.

I was quite disappointed by the egg tart. I am not sure how it was so bad, I mean, an egg tart is one of my favorite Chinese pastry items of all time. There was too much egg in the custard and the crust was too salty...

The pineapple bread and roll cake, however, were okay. The roll cake was moist and flavorful, but the pineapple bread was a little off. The topping seemed like it was baked a bit too long and was not as crumbly as I prefer/have had in all my previous pineapple bun experiences.

I really wanted a BBQ pork bun, but they sold out that day. So sad.

Since this is the only Chinese bakery in Minnesota, they hold a monopoly on the supply of Asian baked items. As a result, the prices reflect this monopoly.

As an undergrad at the U of M, I visited Keefer Court a couple of times and was not as disappointed as I was today. Maybe they were having an off day or maybe they changed something?

Bottom line: If you are majorly craving some Hong Kong-style baked goods, they have some good selections, just make sure to get there early enough to have the widest selection of fresh breads.

Limited parking in the lot behind the bakery or on the street.
Cash only, but they have an ATM on the premises, but it charges you a $2 transaction fee.

Location: 326 Cedar Avenue West Bank, on Cedar Avenue, next to Cedar-Riverside
Green Line: West Bank Station, follow 19th Ave to Riverside and then turn left. Follow it to Cedar Ave.

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