[Nami Island Day Trip] Country Restaurant 고목

My friends and I went to Country Restaurant (고목) on my summer visit to Nami Island (revisit from my winter visit years ago - picture at bottom from that visit).

If you are visiting Nami Island, there are limited food options. Country Restaruant Gomok provided a relief from the heat and was very reasonably priced considering there are so few options on this famous tourist attraction.

We ordered the pajeon (파전), dong-dong ju (동동주), and jaeng ban makguksu (쟁반막국수) for the three of us and it was plenty of food and we were all super hungry.

Since there is no English-language menu available (just a picture menu), I will provide the translations for the food below.
Water is self-serve, so make sure to pick up a pitcher of water and cups for your party.

식사류 (Meal items): (Left column)
민물매운탕 (대): 55,000KRW: min mool mae oon tang, Freshwater fish spicy soup (large-size)
민물매운탕 (소): 35,000KRW: Small-side Freshwater fish spicy soup
만두전골 (대): 40,000KRW: mandu jeon gol, Korean dumpling casserole (large-size) *not sure what type of meat will be used for the dumpling
만두전골 (소): 20,000KRW: small-size Korean dumpling casserole
쟁반막국수: 12,000KRW: jaeng ban mak guk soo, platter of cold buckwheat noodles (see picture)
보리밥/비빔밥: 7,000KRW: bori bap/bi bim bap, bori bap bibimbap (mixed rice) using barley and bibimbap is mixed rice with vegetables
막국수: 6,000KRW: mak guk su, cold buckwheat noodles

안주류 (Side Dish items): (Center Column)
Note: An ju (안주) are foods typically consumed with alcohol

오징어볶음: 20,000KRW: o jing o bokkeum; spicy stir-fried squid
더덕무침: 15,000KRW: deo deok moo chim; spicy seasoned deodeok (mountain herb/fibrous plant)
모듬전: 18,000KRW: mo deum jeon; plate of fried foods, usually vegetables, Korean pancakes, etc.
파전: 10,000KRW: pa jeon; Korean pancake with green onions (see picture, typically eaten with dong dong ju)
녹두빈대떡: 8,000KRW: nok doo bin dae tteok; pancake made with ground green mung beans
감자부침: 8,000KRW: gamja boo chim; fried potato pancake
도토리묵: 8,000KRW: do to ri mook; seasoned acorn jelly

주류 (Beverages): (Right column)
복분자: 10,000KRW: bok bun ja; raspberry wine
동동주: 8,000KRW: dong dong ju; very similar to makgeolli, cloudy rice wine (see picture, typically eaten with pajeon)
백세주: 6,000KRW: baek se ju; "one-hundred-years wine," fermented rice wine made with herbs with reported medicinal powers
맥주: 3,000KRW: maek ju; beer
소주: 3,000KRW; so ju; Korean sake
음료수: 1,000KRW: eum ryo su; soft drinks (cola or cider)

Our decision was made solely on the weather. It was one of those Korean summer days (dog days of summer-esque) about 38 degrees Celsius (100.4 degrees Fahrenheit) and super sunny. So, we wanted something refreshing and light.

We decided on the dong dong ju very early in the day because it is a typical summer alcoholic beverage and paired it with the pajeon, following with Korean tendencies. We also wanted to have the jaeng ban mak guk su because it seemed very refreshing on the hot day. Also, Chuncheon is very famous for makguksu, in addition to dakgalbi, so since we were in the area, we decided that it must be good!

It was a very filling meal. The dong dong ju was served chilled and even had slushy dong dong ju floating in it. It was a great respite from the heat outside.

There is also air conditioning and fans, which we greatly appreciated.

In all, 3 of us ate for 30,000KRW and felt re-energized for the rest of the day.

Exterior of Country Restaurant 고목 on Nami Island.
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