[Seoul - Hongdae] Caffe Bene Mango Bingsu 카페베네 망고 빙수

In the Korean summer, Caffe Bene is a major destination of mine for bingsu. Which is your favorite Bene bingsu? Leave a comment below. :)

I think the Bene green tea bingsu is my favorite, but I decided to test out the mango bingsu because I am a major fan of mango anything.

The bingsu is topped with Bene's famous gelato and a generous amount of mango. The ice is flavored with mango juice, so that was a pleasant surprise.

Unfortunately, the mango chunks are frozen. Refreshing in the summer, but a little too frozen for my taste. 

My friend and I shared it and it was a very nice break from the summer heat.

The price is pretty reasonable 9800KRW (about 10 USD) and the portion size is generous.

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