[Seoul Museum] National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMCA) - Seoul, Jongro, Samchungdong, Insadong

I visited Seoul's National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Jongro last year with my friend. We both had been trying to get there for a while, but never had enough time.

The exhibit I was the most excited to see was Do Ho Suh's "Home within Home within Home within Home within Home."

This home was created out of silk thread and sheer blue fabric.

At the center, there is a recreation of a hanok (Traditional Korean house), surrounded by a grand three-story Western-style house.

It is a statement to the transcultural identity of the artist.

Unfortunately, this exhibit has since ended, but there are others in its place.

You can see what the current exhibitions are at the MMCA's official website.

One of my friends volunteers as an English-speaking guide at the museum, which is cool, too.

There is free admission on "Museum Day," which is the last Wednesday of every month. You get free admission to the special exhibitions.
Every day, there is free admission to regular exhibits for individuals younger than 24, older than 65, and college students with valid ID.

Otherwise, tickets are 4,000KRW, with additional fees for special exhibitions.

From Anguk Station (Insa-dong), Gwanghwamun Station, or Gyungbok Palace, walk to Gyungbok Palace.
Follow the wall surrounding Gyungbok Palace to the outer wall to the right of Gwanghwamun and follow the wall, the museum will be on your right.

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