[San Francisco - Japantown] Belly Good - Adorable Japanese Crepes (Japantown)

Love Japanese crepes! These Happy Face Crepes from Belly Good in San Francisco's Japantown were just too cute to pass up!

My friend and I walked from our brunch at Union Square to Japantown. Let me just say that this is not very far as the crow flies and we thought it was going to be fine because we were from New York and are used to walking everywhere, BUT San Francisco is hilly. That added to our travel time, so after our walk there, we decided to take the bus back.

The crepe is very cute and the happy face you get differs, but you cannot request a specific animal (we tried).

Even still, we got some cute ones! I got an Angry Bird and my friend got what we decided was a bird/chicken, but I'm open to any alternative characterizations.

For about $5, you get this cute crepe.
We opted for the "wrapped" version because it seemed like it would be less messy and we wanted it more Japanese-style than the flat one on the plate.

We chose some of the more "Asian" flavors of ice cream. I got green tea and my friend got the lychee with condensed milk and yoghurt for our sauces.
We didn't do any of the extras because we were still full from brunch and had a snack appointment later...it was a full day of eating.

It's in the Japan Center, the one by the Peace Pagoda, across from the arcade.

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