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[Minnesota - Mall of America] Masu Sushi and Robata - Ramen and Japanese food

I love ramen! Masu serves some of Minneapolis' best ramen! There are now two locations, one in Northeast and one in the Mall of America.

My Japanese friend introduced me to Masu when I was an undergraduate at the University of Minnesota. She was obsessed with the ramen and for good reason.

I was worried when I came back to Minneapolis that I was going to have difficulty finding delicious, well-seasoned ramen, but then I remembered Masu! Both locations are pretty darn convenient and easily accessible by public transportation.

I usually order the Pork Belly Ramen ($10 Happy Hour, $12.50 regular). This ramen, is not quite as good as the ramen at NYC's Totto, but it is so much better than the ramen I had at NYC's Yasha Ramen.

The pork is tender and seasoned very well and the ramen is topped with a beautifully poached egg, and wakame (seaweed). The broth is light, not overly rich nor overly salty.

We also ordered Pork Belly Bun ($2.50 each Happy Hour, $3 each regular). It is served with housemade pickles and hoisin sauce. It was kind of expensive, but that was to be expected because Masu is one of a handful of places in Minnesota that serves steamed pork buns.
We also got the Hotate Robata ($4.50). This is a grilled scallop skewer.

Robata means the item is grilled, so think of any of the robata on the menu as being a skewered protein.

Both locations have great happy hours with great food and drink specials.

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