[Minneapolis - Stadium Village] Big 10 Restaurant and Bar - Iconic Subs at UMN

Looking for somewhere to eat before/after/during a University of Minnesota Gophers game or a Minnesota Vikings game? Try Big 10 for some great subs!

If you are not looking for a dine-in experience, stop by the Big 10 sub shop right next door.

Big 10 is kind of a mainstay establishment on the University of Minnesota campus.
It is located across the street from the hotel and is in a very convenient location for some quick eats before or after a game. It is located about 5 minutes (by walking) away from the TCF Bank Stadium and Williams Arena/Mariucci Arena.

I really enjoy the subs here! They spread some garlic butter on the freshly baked bread. It is great and adds a lot to the flavor. Big 10's sandwiches are known for being piled high with shredded lettuce drizzled in the house oil. This makes it slightly difficult to eat, but I kind of like it because it adds to the experience. Subs are also topped with onions, tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, and mayonnaise.

The bread is fresh and toasted ever so slightly. It doesn't cut the top of your mouth when you bite into it, which is always appreciated.

On game days, there is a special/limited menu featuring the best sellers. Unfortunately, on the limited menu, after the game, they only offer regular fries (pictured above) and waffle fries (additional charge). I really wanted tator tots, but that wasn't available. After a cold game, you may want to have a huge bowl of house-made chili. It looked really great, but I had my heart set on a sub.

The subs are huge and are served with fries. Easily enough to share or else is right to the home with you for a late night snack.

The beer menu includes a bunch of craft brews, local beers, and the usual standbys. The beer selection changes seasonally.

Atmosphere - Typical sports bar with a lot of Minnesota sports memorabilia.
There are two rooms. The room off to the right when you enter is smaller and has room for about 20 and the larger room with the bar to the left seats a lot more, probably around 60.

The bathroom is in the basement and is kind of creepy (as a warning). The stairs to the bathroom is located to the right of the popcorn machine.

If you just want a sub, go to the sub shop next door. Inside, there is a counter where you order. If you want eat-in, there are about 3 stools available by the window. The restaurant has table service and is located next to the sub shop. It's up to you.

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