[DC, Georgetown Cafe] Baked & Wired - Best Cupcakes in DC

The locals have spoken. Baked & Wired is the BEST cupcake shop in Georgetown, by far. Even with all the hype around Georgetown Cupcake, Baked & Wired is the best!

I have tried Georgetown Cupcake (DC Cupcakes fame) and Sprinkles Cupcake (the LA's store was the first cupcakery at the beginning of the trend).

I usually go on weekend mornings and the store is bustling. If there is a line out the door, make sure to ask if the people are waiting for coffee or baked goods.

The coffee counter is on the right when you enter the store and the cupcakes and other baked goods are on the left.
Even though there are separate counters, you can order coffee at the cupcake counter and cupcakes at the coffee counter.
My favorite cupcake of all time is the Dirty Chai cupcake. I HIGHLY recommend it. BUT, this cupcake is only available on weekends. I was so sad when I tried to get it on a Wednesday because I was in DC on a business trip. The frosting is the best part of this cupcake. It is an espresso buttercream and it is just wonderful when you take a bite of everything at once. I love this one because it is NOT THAT SWEET, which is perfect for me. Most bakery cupcakes are far too sweet for me, so I was very surprised when I got this one.
The other cupcake I get often is the Flapjack (also available only on weekends). The unique thing about this cupcake is that there is candied bacon sprinkled on top. It is pretty sweet, though.

The cupcakes are priced at $3.65 each, so a little more expensive than at some of the other shops, but the cupcakes are much larger and have more character and there is plenty of room to sit and relax in the shop, which is very refreshing.

I have gotten the Razmanian Devil cupcake for my friend. It is a lemon cake with raspberry filling, topped with a lemon buttercream. it was super fresh and great!

I have also had the Tessita, which is a very rich dulce de leche cake.

They also have a really cute cupcake for the cherry blossom festival. My friends and I got it last year when we made the voyage. It was definitely unique and didn't taste overly artificial like at some of the more commercial bakeries.

There are gluten-free and vegan cupcakes available.

The cupcakes are very durable and they will box them up for you if you ask and say that you are going to be traveling. Even if you get it just in a paper bag, it will survive a lot. My friend had it in her bag for a whole day and it wasn't dented after all that traveling.

Since I was not able to get my dirty chai cupcake on that one fateful Wednesday, I branched out and got a rosemary goat cheese buttermilk biscuit instead. It was very fresh and savory. It was a great choice for breakfast and I will likely try the other biscuits next time I'm in town.

For dog lovers, the café is rather dog-friendly. There are places to eat with your dog outside the shop and they provide dishes of water for dogs. Baked & Wired also sells baked dog treats, so your furry friend won't feel left out.

1052 Thomas Jefferson St NW
After you cross the bridge into Georgetown, stay on the left-side of M Street. Three streets after the Four Seasons Hotel, turn left onto Thomas Jefferson Street. You will cross over the canal and Baked & Wired will be on your right.

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