[Korea Day Trip] Chuncheon, South Korea Travel Itinerary (Day Trip from Seoul) - Dalkgalbi trip 춘천닭갈비 여행

I really like getting out of Seoul, taking a break from city life. Chuncheon is very close to Seoul, so it is a great place to escape. In fact, it is easily accessible!

You can take the subway from Seoul and get to Chuncheon within 2.5 hours. Take the Jungang Line from Wangsimni Station to Sangbong Station (transfer to the teal line) and then alight at Chuncheon Station.

The first stop of any trip to Chuncheon should be to the Myeongdong (Myungdong) street for some dalkgalbi (Korean spicy chicken), Chuncheon's famous food. In fact, my friend and I went for the sole purpose of eating dalkgalbi.

To reach this street, you need to take the 150 bus from Chuncheon Station to 명동입구 (Myungdong street) bus stop.

Or, if you don't want to risk taking the bus, here is the address and you can just show the taxi driver:
강원 춘천시 조양동 146-1

I asked my unni's, whose hometown is Chuncheon, to recommend dalkgalbi places. She recommended one place and one place only: Lee Song Geum Halmoni Chuncheon Joongang Dalkgalbi (http://www.menupan.com/restaurant/onepage.asp?acode=H201344)!

It is located right at the end of the dalkgalbi street. You will have to walk by a ton of other restaurant with ajummas telling you that they have the best, most delicious dalkgalbi, but stay on the path to Halmoni Dalkgalbi aka 원조중앙닭갈비.

At the end of your meal of chicken, order some makguksu, the second dish for which Chuncheon is famous. It is a buckwheat noodle with vegetables and eggs, topped with Korean red sauce.

After lunch,
We walked around the Chuncheon City Hall area. It is quite quaint. If you are into shopping, there are some markets and stores and the prices are so much cheaper than in Seoul for items like socks and accessories.

Soyang River Dam:
Then, we decided to go to the Soyang River Dam. From this area, you can basically take any bus and then alight at the 소양강댐 주차장 (Soyang River Dam Parking Lot). The bus ride was crazy. There were so many people packed into the bus and, in order to get to the dam, we had to drive up these crazy curvy roads on the side of the mountain.

It also took a lot longer than we had anticipated, so make sure you build about 50 minutes into your schedule for the bus ride itself.

The view from Soyang River Dam is beautiful! There are mountains all over the place! When we went, it was kind of hazy, it was the middle of a very humid day.

Bonus, so you can talk with all the ajummas and ajeosshis taking in the view, here's the song that everyone will be singing.

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