[Chuncheon - Myeongdong] Halmoni Dakgalbi / Original Joongang Dakgalbi (원조 중앙닭갈비) - Hometown favorite

In planning our daytrip to Chuncheon, I asked my Chuncheon unni for dakgalbi restaurant recommendations. She recommended only Halmoni Dakgalbi in the Myeongdong Dagalbi Street.

Honestly, we made the daytrip just to eat Chuncheon dakgalbi, so with her glowing review, we visited the hometown favorite, Halmoni Dakgalbi (중앙 춘천닭갈비), without hesitation.

We decided to walk from Chuncheon Station because it was a nice day and it didn't seem that far on the map. It was a nice walk, but it was actually longer than expected.

Finally, we made it to the entrance to the street.
Honestly, we got a little turned around because of the large traffic circle/underground pass shopping area and the disappearance of signs.

If you don't know Korean and/or do not have access to a Korean phone with good GPS, I would recommend taking a taxi or bus if you don't want to risk getting lost.

You can take the 150, 8, 9, or 62 buses from Chuncheon Station to Myeongdong Entrance bus stop (명동입구 정류장).
We ordered the 2 servings of the dakgalbi (10,000 KRW) and added on some Korean sweet potato (고구마추가 3,000KRW)

You can also add rice cakes, cheese, udon noodles if you would like some other food.

Even if you do not add any 추가 (extras) to your order, the dakgalbi comes with some dduk (rice cakes) anyway.

Compared to the dakgalbi I have eaten in Seoul, they also added other greens into the dish here. It added another bitter dimension to the food, which is great. The sauce was also slightly spicier than others I have eaten.

You can also order fried rice (볶음밥, 2,000KRW) or a side of rice (공기밥, 1500KRW).

The other food Chuncheon is famous for is makguksu. So, make sure to add this to your order. It is 6,000KRW and there is plenty to share.

The server was very attentive and helped us cook our food...we looked like major tourists from Seoul ><.

The chicken here is fresh, which is a great change from the dakgalbi restaurants in Seoul, which serve frozen chicken. The vegetables are also very fresh.

Take-out is available.

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