[Seoul - Gangnam] Bibigo - Korean Bibimbap restaurant chain (Vegetarian and Vegan-Friendly Food) - 비비고

Bibigo is kind of like Chipotle for Korean food. Instead of burritos, you are served bibimbap (bibimbap).

CJ Foods is one of the large Korean food companies. They own/operate Tous les Jous, VIPS, Twosome Place, among others.

I was late getting on the Bibigo bandwagon. I first went in 2011 or 2012. There are locations all over Korea and the world, including locations in Los Angeles, California.

I like Bibigo because you can see your food made in front of you and you can customize your order to fit your taste preferences. The Bibigo rice is 8,500KRW base price. While it is kind of expensive for bibimbap, the ingredients are of a higher quality than you can find at most other restaurants and you can choose which meat you have on your bibimbop.

It is a great option if you are going with a group of people who may not always agree upon one type of food or if you have individuals in your group with dietary restrictions.

Since it is customizeable and you can choose our components, it is very good for vegans and vegetarians traveling in Korea. As you know, it is very difficult to find vegan food in Korea and Koreans are often unfamiliar with vegetarian diets, much as less vegan diets.

Side dishes:
You can also get some steamed mandu (Korean dumplings) (4,000KRW) or ddeokbokki (4,000KRW). My friend ordered the mandu and it looked pretty good, I am just never hungry enough to order a side dish.

They also have takeout options, little picnic lunchboxes, etc.

Bibigo in Seoul just introduced a delivery option if you are in the Gangnam area (10,000 KRW minimum purchase). Call 02-588-7423 with your order.

Bibigo has a rotating seasonal menu and also offers hot bibimbap (dolsot bibimbap).

Bibigo Rice Options

Rewards Card:
CJ Foods Card - the same card you use at Twosome Place, Tous les Jous, VIPS, Coldstone

Locations I've been to in Seoul:
Gangnam, Seoul
From exit 11, turn right at the first street. Walk straight about one block. It will be on your left.

Korea University
Located on the campus.

Seoul University
Take the 5513 bus from exit 3 of Seoul National University station and then alight at the administration building.

From the National Assembly Building station, go out exit 1 and walk about 500 meters. It will be on your right.

Cheongdam CGV
Located in the CGV movie theater food hall, perfect if you're going to a show.

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