[Seoul - Sinsa/Garosugil] Cafe Able - Farm-to-Table Brunch

Cafe Able is a great farm-to-table brunch cafe right in the heart of Garosugil.

I heard about Café Able a while ago, but it was just too popular and I didn't want to deal with the crowds of people who were flocking to it.
I finally got to go with unni and it was pretty good.

My favorite meal is definitely brunch. I don't know what it is about it, but it's just so comforting.
I also really like the farm-to-table movement and, when possible, I try to eat more local. I was really happy when I heard there was a farm-to-table brunch place in Seoul!

Even though we went many, many months after it's crazy popularity, we still had to wait around 40 minutes for a table.
The layout is very open, bright, fresh, and natural. It is a very popular place with 20-something women. There is also a rooftop seating area for outdoor dining in summer months.
At the entryway of the restaurant, they have a large table full of fresh flowers and plants and some fresh baked goods for sale. They also have fresh jams, oils and pickles for sale.
They have fresh juices and coffee items available at fairly high prices (about 9,000KRW (9USD) for a juice and about 6,000KRW ($6USD) for coffee). We did not order any because neither of us really wanted one and we were planning on going to a café after brunch.
The menu is in both English and Korean, so no worries about that.
We came for brunch items, so we did not look at the other parts of the menu too closely. They are also well-known for their salads and sandwiches, about 10USD for a salad and about 13USD for a sandwich.
They have a set special. You can get a salad of the day + a sandwich + a fruit juice for 23,000KRW (23USD).
So, concentrating on the brunch. It is available until 3PM.
We ordered the eggs benedict (14,000KRW, 14USD) and the Italian frittata (14,000KRW, 14USD). The brunch items are all pretty reasonably priced, kind of expensive for bunch, but it is probably the best brunches I have had in Korea.
The eggs on the eggs benedict were not overcooked, so when we cut into them, the yolks were able to run onto the English muffin. The hollandaise sauce was not my favorite...it was a little too cold, so it was kind of thickening up. The salad was well-dressed and the potatoes were well-seasoned and cooked well.
The frittata was also baked well and accompanied with a lightly dressed side salad and some freshly-baked bread with homemade jam. The jam was great. I would have considered purchasing some for at home, but I don't really eat bread very often at home, so I didn't buy any. I would recommend it if you're a toast person. There was a bit too much sour cream on the frittata for me, but otherwise it was really well thought-out.

It is located by the elementary school next to Garosu-gil. From Garosu-gil, turn right at the Coffee Bean, behind the Forever 21.

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