[Seoul - Sinchon] Hanul Bon Dak - Dakgalbi (Spicy chicken) on the main street

Hanul Bon Dak (하늘본닭) is really conveniently located on the main street in Sinchon, next to the Artbox.

One of my favorite Korean foods is dakgalbi (spicy Korean chicken). When I was living in Sinchon, there were two places I visited rather frequently.

Dakgalbi is a dish typically comprised of marinated boneless chicken, cabbage, noodles, and spicy sauce. Sometimes places also put in dduk (rice cakes), other noodles, sujebi, and sweet potatoes.

They have a few different flavors of chicken.
The first one is 하늘본닭, which is just the typical dakgalbi. They also offer a really spicy version 화닭 and a curry version 카레닭갈비. I typically just stick with the original one. If you want to get super adventurous, they also offer combo options. There is 닭삼겹살 (chicken+samgyupsal), 닭쭈꾸 (chicken + the little octopi) and 닭낙지 (chicken+octopus).

You can add 사리 (extras) to any of your choices. You can add 모들사리 (sweet potatoes, rice cakes, noodles) (what we ordered). Otherwise, you can add just 고구마/떡사리 (sweet potatoes/rice cakes), noodles (regular noodles, ramyun, udon), 치즈햄사리 (ham and cheese), 치즈떡사리 (rice cakes and cheese).

Then, you can add rice for the end of your meal. They will add rice into the grill after you eat everything. You can add 날치알볶음밥 (fried rice with roe), 치즈볶음밥 (cheese fried rice), 야채볶음밥 (vegetable fried rice), and 비빔공기 (mixed rice). The choice is up to you. I typically get the vegetable fried rice or the mixed rice.

Additionally, you can choose to eat noodles after your meal. I think this is a very Korean tradition. Eating meat and then following it with noodles afterwards.

This place has great lunch specials, the 하늘정식, a typical Korean meal with a ton of dishes

Also, if you have the time, I recommend going to Chuncheon for dakgalbi! It's a really famous city for dakgalbi. Its Myungdong Alley has a ton of great restaurants. I will introduce one later.

It's near the Artbox and the Krema cafes.

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