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[Seoul - Gangnam] Fugetsu - Okonomiyaki (Japanese pancake) and Japanese noodles

Fugetsu (후게츠) is a chain restaurant that sells Japanese food, namely okonomiyaki (Japanese pancakes) and yakisoba (fried noodles).

I have been to the three locations in Seoul (Gangnam, Hongdae, and Myungdong), but there are more around the world. So, even if you're not in Seoul, I would recommend checking it out. There is also a Fugetsu store in Dotonbori in Osaka, if you really want to try it, but there are plenty of other places in Osaka to try before you go to this chain.

So, my favorite Japanese food is omurice, just kidding. My favorite food is okonomiyaki. In fact, when I first traveled to Japan more than 4 years ago, I had okonomiyaki in the two cities famous for it - Osaka and Hiroshima. Each makes its own version of okonomiyaki and each have their own group of fans. Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki has the noodles in the pancake. Additionally, the ingredients are layered on top of each other, with usually a very large heaping mountain of okonomiyaki at the end. whereas the Osaka-style okonomiyaki does not and contains just cabbage, the batter, eggs, and other vegetables like green onions all mixed together and then some sort of meat on top, like pork belly, beef, or some sort of seafood like squid. The Osaka-style is the most typical form of okonomiyaki sold in places like Fugetsu. The pancake is then topped with okoomiyaki sauce and Japanese mayonnaise, often in some sort of visual pattern.

You can then top it with seaweed and bonito flakes and eat it with pickled ginger.

My friends and I often go to Fugetsu for lunch because they have a great lunch set special. For about 20,000KRW (~20USD), you get a pancake, yakisoba, and an egg roll for two. The price is a little higher if you get one of the other meat choices. My friends and I do not really eat pork well, so we opted to have the shrimp okonomiyaki (the Fugetsu okonomiyaki set), so the price was a little bit higher (about 30USD). Although we had three people, we ordered a two-person serving and it was plenty of food for us.

The food is cooked at the table top grill and is not overly salty. They actually put a lot of cabbage in the okonomiyaki in Seoul...a lot more than I was expecting.

The menu has English descriptions and plenty of pictures, so don't worry if you cannot read Korean. The menu also provides you with cooking instructions, but you can always just completely fail at cooking and the server will do it for you.

When you enter the restaurant, the staff welcome you in Japanese, so that adds a little to the atmosphere, which is a little lacking. The restaurant itself does not really have much character, so you should go here just for the food.

The location of all of the restaurants is really good if you want to go for a dessert or café after lunch/dinner.

Hongdae location - This is in the main street in Hongdae. The one with the Jaws Ddokbokki store and the parking down the middle. It is located above Café Comma.

Gangnam location - It appears that the Gangnam location has closed, but if you're in the area, look around where it used to be and let me know if you find it. It used to be located on the walk up the hill to Standard Coffee Bar and Julio. It was located on the right hand side, second floor.

Myungdong location - Fugetsu is located right next to M Plaza and the Holly's Coffee. It is located on the second floor, across from Zara.

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