[Seoul, Sinsa/Garosugil] Deux Amis (Homemade French Cakes and Tarts)

Deux Amis is a café that bakes its own French tarts and cakes every day.

If you haven't been to the Garosugil area in Seoul, you should check it out!
It's in Sinsa and is a great area for café hopping, shopping, people watching, and possibly seeing some stars.

If you just walk around the area, you are bound to find a large number of great cafes! That is what my friend and I did when we stumbled upon Deux Amis.
The shop gets its chocolate and chocolate powders directly from France, its mascarpone cheese from Italy, and its butter from New Zealand. They are not messing around.
The pastry chefs graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in France, so they know the proper French techniques.
The slice cake we got was the Caramel Sale Cake (카라멜 소금케이크 6500KRW). I selected this because one of my favorite cake flavors is salted caramel and my friend had never tried it before. The cake also features a homemade macaron. In between the layers, there is a sweet caramel cream and the top layer is a kind of milky caramel that is not too sweet and sel is sprinkled on the top.

We also got a vanilla framboises (바닐리 프람보와즈  7500KRW). This was a wonderful option if you're not really feeling like you want to eat a slice of cake. It is made with Madagascar vanilla and also features a mountain strawberry cream. It was very light and was not overly sweet.

You can also buy macarons with a lot more variety of flavors than you can typically find in Korea and at a much better price. You can get 4 pieces (plate) for 8000KRW, 7 pieces (box) for 16,000KRW, and 11 pieces (box) for 29,000KRW. I think the flavors may rotate depending on day/season, but I am not sure since I only went to Deux Amis one time.

This café also has classes. It is a great opportunity for you to learn how to make macarons and cakes in the French style. I think you would have to know Korean, but if you are confident enough in your baking skills, you should definitely check it out!

Just go and take a look at all your options, I'm sure you will not be disappointed.

The café atmosphere is very clean and has some character. Unlike many cafes in the area, it is not super loud. A very cute touch is that they decorate each table with freshly cut flowers. The chairs are slightly mismatched, which just adds to the character of the store.

Inside the store, there are about 4 tables on the left side. There is bench seating with some cute throw pillows. There are also a few tables in the middle of the store and some more tables with the same set up on the right side of the store. Under the awning outside the store, there are about 5 or 6 tables. If it is a nice day and you want to do some extra people watching or be seen, these are great options.

To order, you can go to the counter in the back of the store. To the right you will see the bakery cases full of all your cake and pastry options. They also have these little binders full of the menu items for you to order from for in-café eating. The menus are mainly in Korean, but they also have the French words for you name-of-dish-wise, the descriptions are solely in Korean.

Water is self-serve. They also have coffees (range 6000-8000KRW) and teas (7000-9000KRW).
They also have royal milk tea!! But, very pricy! They are around 9000KRW.

From exit 8 of the Sinsa Station (line 3), walk straight to the Tous les Jours and then turn left at that street. Then at the next street (GS25), turn right and then take the first left. Walk straight past the next street, you should see CU and Little Saigon. Keep walking straight through that intersection and Deux Amis should be in the second building on your right. There is a taco restaurant next door..it has a yellow front.

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