[Seoul - Sillim] Endeavor Frites (Homemade potato chips and cream beer)

When I was working at Seoul National University, I was doing some foodie research and stumbled upon this little hole in the wall place in Sillim - Endeavor Frites, which serves up Belgian-style frites and specialty beers AND HOMEMADE POTATO CHIPS!!

It makes frites (French fries), obviously, but it also makes homemade potato chips!

I really love potato chips. Like I wish my career could be "Expert Potato Chip Tester"...that's how much I love potato chips.

Unfortunately for me, however, Korea is not really known for potato chips options. Believe me. I have been disappointed eating potato chips with sugar on them. Not that good.

I was so happy when I found that Endeavor Frites made homemade potato chips (수제감자칩 - sooje gam ja chip). They only cost 5500KRW and are fried to order. Seasoned perfectly with salt. They were also not overly greasy, as often happens with homemade chips. Also, a good sign is that they don't overload the fryer - the chips were not stuck together in a clump. We got onion and hot chili sauces.

We also ordered cream beer (크림생맥주 - cream saeng maek joo) - 2,000KRW. So, this was also a kind of new concept to me. I mean, I read about it a lot, but have never tried it. It's basically a pour of beer from tap and they put a layer of cream on it. If you don't drink it right away, the cream sinks into the beer somewhat quickly, obviously since it's not foam.

We also ordered a small size of the Belgian frites, but they also sell them. You have three size options and they come with sauces. (See menu picture)

Sauce: garlic chili, onion, sweet chili, Cajun, garlic cheese, yogurt, tomato, barbeque, cheese, ketchup, salsa, hot chili

Belgian fries: Small fries + 1 sauce (3500 KRW), Medium fries + 1 sauce (4500 KRW), Large fries + 2 sauces (5500 KRW).

Additional sauces = 500KRW

There are only about 4 tables inside the store and maybe 3 outside and a few bar seats. It's quite tiny.
You can also easily do takeout. In the time that were eating, I would say about 85% of the business was takeout.

Directions: Kind of complicated, so maybe make sure you go with a friend who is good at directions. Also, search for 인데버프리츠 on Naver Maps.

From exit 5 of Sillim Station. Walk about 167 meters to a pharmacy (약국) and turn right there and then walk straight ahead about 300 meters.

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