[Minneapolis - Target Field] Town Ball Tavern (Minnesota Twins) - Gluten-Free Options!

There are a ton of food options in Target Field. There are a couple of full service restaurants, including the Town Ball Tavern.

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Recently, I went to Minneapolis, Minnesota for a Minnesota Twins game (Minnesota's professional baseball team) at Target Field.

I actually went because they were giving away the Snoopy All-Star Game figurine (pictured above). Minnesota is hosting the All-Star Game this year, so there are a ton of giveaways to promote it and I love Snoopy, so I had to get this for myself.

The day we went it was quite rainy (there was a considerable rain delay, in fact). So, we went to the Town Ball Tavern Tavern, a full-service restaurant and bar, on the second level of Target Field.

If you have dietary concerns or restrictions, for example gluten-free or vegetarian, this is probably one of the best places for you to go since there is a very extensive menu that is clearly labeled. Town Ball Tavern has real substantial food, not just nachos with questionable orange sauce they pass off as cheese or vegetable sticks for you to eat.

After finally fighting our way to a table, we ordered some beers and food. Seating is first come-first served.
They have a pretty good selection of draft craft beers at a reasonable price for a stadium (Small = $7.25; Large = $8), including Angry Orchard hard cider and about four types of Summit beers. I got the Summit IPA. They also have American draft beers (Small = $6.75; Large = $7.50).
They also have fountain sodas (refillable) for $5.50, which come in a souvenir cup. This year, the cup is the All-Star Game cup. You can also order  "Killebrew Rootbeer" which is something of a souvenir.
Pictured above is the Chorizo Con Queso ($8), gluten-free. This is a relatively new menu item. It is a great mix of spice and cheese. It is also relatively well-proportioned, in terms of chips:cheese ratio. It is listed in the starters menu. I like that the peppers on top are fresh and not pickled - I greatly dislike pickles and cannot stand pickled jalapenos.

Another favorite of my family is the nachos ($10). Unlike the regular ballpark nachos (pump cheese and chips), this one is topped with homemade guacamole and chili, onions, black olives, peppers, pico de gallo.

We also got The Vincent Burger ($14) (pictured above and in the first picture). It is a beef burger stuffed with short rib and smoked gouda in a brioche roll. It is served with homemade BBQ potato chips. Minnesota is home of the stuffed burger (a la Juicy Lucy), so it makes sense that there is at least one stuffed burger on the menu (there are two; you can get a ballpark recreation of a Juicy Lucy if you want). I was not a huge fan of the brioche roll, but that is just because I am not a huge fan of sweet, white bread. It did compliment the savory burger well, though, so I understand what they were trying to do.

I really love potato chips, but these homemade BBQ potato chips were somewhat disappointing. The chips' texture was great, crisp and not overly greasy, but the flavor was just so-so. It would not be my go-to chips by any means. There was one herb they (over)used. I am not sure I can identify the exact flavor, but it was just not my style. You can substitute fries for the chips if you prefer fries over chips.

Another family favorite is the Beer Battered Walleye Fingers ($13), also on the Starters menu, which is served with fries and lemon aioli sauce. The walleye is a very Minnesotan fish. The batter is very
crispy, not soggy like it has been sitting a while, and it is served hot. (No picture, sorry).

There are also kids-friendly menu items, including a kids menu, and desserts like milkshakes, a root beer float to share (made with Killebrew Root Beer, of course), and a homemade ice cream sandwich.

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