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[Jeonju - Hanok Village] Gyodong Dduk Galbi - Delicious marinated meat and side dishes

The ddukgalbi (marinated meat patty) restaurant  I will introduce today is Gyodong Dduk Galbi. I mentioned this in my itinerary that I made for my parents.

If you're in Seoul and want to escape city life for the day, I highly recommend going to Jeonju. It is about four hours from Seoul Express Bus Terminal. Once you're in Jeonju, you can either take the city bus or a taxi to the Hanok (Traditional Korean) Village. The taxi will cost about 4,000KRW.
While most tourbooks recommend you get Jeonju bibimbap, I would recommend skipping this. You can buy Jeonju bibimbap in Seoul and all around the country. I highly recommend you try is ddukgalbi instead. There are two great options in the Hanok Village. 

Gyodong Dduk Galbi is a great place for you to try many different banchan (Korean side dishes). They give you seasoned tofu, spinach, cabbage salad, Korean squash, japchae (Korean glass noodles), and kimchi.

One of my favorite side dishes they provided was the squash. It is fresh and sweet.

This is the ddukgalbi and mushrooms from Gyodong Dduk Galbi and it is grilled over charcoal at your table. Ddukgalbi is a minced meat patty and can either be made from marinated beef or pork. I was planning a trip one time with my Muslim friend, so I called both restaurants in the Hanok Village. They both make it with pork, sorry about that. Sometimes restaurants add dduk (Korean rice cakes) to the patty, but Gyodong does not. The patty also typically includes garlic, onion, and some sort of nuts.

Like most Korean meats, you wrap this in a leaf, like lettuce or perilla. I really like putting the perilla (sesame leaf) inside the lettuce and wrap it around the meat. The pink radish seen in the second picture is also added inside the lettuce leaf to add a little crunch and some sourness to the wrap. You then can dip the meat into the sesame oil add some of the ssamjang, the paste they will give you, before putting it into your wrap.

I also really like garlic in my wrap. I always grill it for a long time before consuming it to avoid some very bad consequences. I also like to grill my kimchi. I do not really like cold all. When you grill it, the flavors are enhanced and it is a little less acidic.

We went for lunch, so we ordered the lunch set (13,000KRW each). It includes a serving of ddukgalbi, doenjang (fermented soybean, Korean miso) soup, rice, and then a bowl of naengmyun for dessert.

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