[Seoul - Sinchon] Bean Tree 200.25

Green tea latte with some cute bug latte art. :)
Bean Tree 200.25 is a cute cafe with free refills, perfect for students at Yonsei University.

About 4 years ago, while I was an exchange student at Yonsei University, I stumbled across this café.
Amazingly, it's still around today! There are 4 locations, I believe, and of those, I've been to two of them quite frequently. I do not really like going to large chain cafes/coffee shops, so it was refreshing to find a place like this in Seoul.
I really like the atmosphere at this café and the baristas are super nice. They even make some cute latte art.
Korean sweet potato latte and a fresh kiwi juice.
I usually order coffee, but pictures of a cup of black coffee are just kind of sad. The coffee here is drip, I think one of the locations I went to (Yonhui-dong) had Dutch coffee, so nice. Another great thing about this café is if you get black coffee, they give you free refills.

I have also tried the green tea latte and Korean sweet potato latte (goguma latte). If you have never tried the Korean sweet potato latte, I recommend you try it. It is a really Korean drink, but is surprisingly flavorful. If you're worried, it doesn't taste extremely vegetable-y. I cannot really describe it, but it's a very comforting drink. It was made with real sweet potatoes, not with powder. They also put some latte art on the top to finish the drink.

The kiwi juice was freshly made to order. It was not super cold, but it was still refreshing and it was also good to know that it was not made with powder.

Sinchon Location:

The Sinchon location is in between Ewha Women's University Station and Sinchon Station (line 2). It is nearby the CGV movie theater an right next to the Caffe Pascucci.

This location is really cute. There are two floors. You order downstairs and there are a few tables there for you to stay. I recommend you go to the second floor. It's is kind of like an open air loft. There is a self-serve bar for water, etc. and they provide magazines for you to look at while you are in the café. There are a few tables along the side of the self-bar. Then, (not pictured) to the right of the self-serve bar, there are 2 more tables and then along the wall there are some padded bench seating with tables. Additionally, there are two group work rooms. I think you can reserve the rooms.

There is free wifi and the atmosphere is usually pretty quiet. A reason I really like non-chain cafes is that they are so much more intimate and tend to be much quieter than the 5-floor Starbucks of Holly's Coffees tend to be.

Yonhui-dong location:

This location is also great. It's tucked in the café section of Yonhui-dong. I love going around the cafes here. They are really friendly and inviting and are really quiet and more family-oriented because of the neighborhood.

I recommend you check out any of these cafes, but if you want to check out Bean Tree 200.25 the map is above.

From the main gate of Yonsei, you should walk towards the sign that says Yonhui-dong. You will walk up a paved hill. At the end of the hill there will be a curve by a gas station. Turn right at the gas station and then continue walking straight. You will pass a place that sells steamed mandu/steamed buns (I recommend this). Keep walking until you see a Woori Bank across the street. Cross the street at this intersection. Walk to the first street and turn left there. You will be on a street with a lot of restaurants, including some of the famous Yonhui-dong kalguksu. At the second street, turn right. You'll find it there. It's kind of in a building that looks like a house.

When you get inside there are Western style tables and chairs to your left and, on the right, there are Korean style seating areas. You can sit on the floor and work. Since this area is mainly residential, there are not many rowdy college students.

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