[NYC - West Village] Grounded - Great Coffee Shop for Studying

Grounded is an organic coffee and tea house in West Village.

I basically went there because I really needed to get a lot of work done on my thesis and I really needed wifi.
So, it's been a crazy month. I really meant to update this more often, but...yeah, school happened.
Graduation is in two weeks. I cannot even believe it.
When I got back from Asia, I was on a mission to seek out the best cafes in New York City.
I stumbled upon this great café in West Village.

I went on a Saturday. It was pretty packed. My friends were right. The atmosphere was super great! The décor made it really cozy. There are about three sections of the café.
In the front of the store, by the counter, there are a couple of tables. Then after the counter where you place your order there is a middle section with a bar where you go and pick up your food. Across from the bar, there is a seating area with sofas with a large skylight. It's kind of like a communal table area. The back part is super comfy. That's where I sat. There is large communal bookshelf. It really added to the atmosphere. There are a bunch of (circle) tables and along the wall there is a bar with some stools.

I asked the barista for a recommendation because they had a bunch of options and he asked if I wanted a sweet latte. I did not really want a sweet latte since I really don't like sweets, so he recommended the Honeybee Latte.

I got the Honeybee Soy Latte ($4.25) and a bagel. The lattes are kind of expensive, in my opinion. Since it's organic, I guess they can get away with charging a premium rate. I wasn't a huge fan of the latte, but it was sufficiently strong. It was very honey-y. I am not a super huge fan of honey, nor am I a hater. It just took some getting used to.

I am really interested in trying the tea lattes, especially the rose latte if I get the opportunity, but it's highly unlikely I'll get the chance since I'm leaving New York in about 2.5 weeks. So, you'll have to let me know what you thought of it if you get the chance to try it.

They had a lot of other interesting latte varieties and, just to note, the iced versions were $1 more. The options included, according to Menupages: mint kiss latte (mint chocolate), sweet n nutty (caramel hazelnut), cowboy (3 shots of espresso), German chocolate cake, Nutella (chocolate hazelnut), café aloha, and honey nut latte (cinnamon hazelnut honey).

MAJOR DOWNSIDE of this café: On the weekend, they have a 90-minute limit on seats. I mean, even if you weren't going here to use your computer or read, that's barely enough time to have a decent conversation. They also loudly made everyone know about this rule even though the café wasn't even full.

The bookcase in the back adds great ambiance to the café. While you're there, you can read some of the books on the shelf. It reminds me of a book café in Korea, something I totally miss.
The bathroom door had this painting on it. Yeah, I'm lame and I took a picture of it.

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