[England - York] PizzaExpress

PizzaExpress is a chain, with a couple restaurants in York and hundreds across the country. Sorry these pictures are not great. The pizza tastes better than the pictures suggest.

The food was good--not the best pizza but also pretty good for a chain restaurant. They have a starter called "Dough Ball Doppio" that is very good. It is balls of the dough they use for crust and pesto, garlic butter, and a third spicy oil sauce. We had two pizzas: a La Reine (Prosciutto cotto ham, olives, and mushrooms) and an American Hot (pepperoni, mozzarella, tomato, and hot green, roquito or jalapeno peppers--we had jalapenos). The American Hot we had on their Romana crust (thin) and the La Reine on classic.

The price was reasonable and two pizzas and a starter fed three people.

The American Hot

 The Dough Ball Doppio

The La Reine

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