[Seoul - Edae] The Cup - Rice and Noodles, perfect takeout fast meal

The Cup in Edae is a restaurant that sells a variety of different rice and noodle dishes in takeout container "cups."

One day, I really really wanted to leave my house and get some work done for my research lab/thesis job. But, since two of my jobs were unpaid, I was on a tight budget.
I came across a blog that mentioned this restaurant/cafe. The menu is quite varied (rice, noodles, and salads of various types) and the price is very good since it's in the university area

Unfortunately, I do not think an English menu is available, but they do have a picture menu.
You can choose between rice, noodles, and salad options and between two different sizes - small and large. The price varies from 4,000KRW to 6,500KRW.

They have WiFi access and the environment is pretty peaceful. There is a netbook available for customer use (I didn't use it since I had brought my iPad and my research articles to read, so I don't know if works well or not).

The decor is very clean and simple. The tables and chairs are white (as you can see in the picture). There is also window bar seating, so you can look out over the shopping streets below you.

There is a self-serve area for pickles. I'm not sure why, but Korean restaurants pair pickles with pasta because it fits the Korean palate. (This was Korean pairing was featured (?) in the Korean drama "Pasta.") Actually, I kind of like the pairing of pasta with the pickles (these are sweet pickles, not dill pickles).

The meal is packaged in a "cup" ... think Chinese takeout food container without the metal handle. This makes it a great option for takeout. The atmosphere and ability for takeout also make it a great place to get a quick bite and eat alone.

My friend had the Korean pumpkin cheese rice and I had the sweet chili chicken rice.

They also have daily specials, so check those out. They are regular menu items, but at a discounted price. The banner above the door will tell you what the special price menu item is for the day.

Rice menu: mushroom bulgogi rice, sweet chili chicken rice, seafood teriyaki rice, mexican cheese beef rice, octopus (nakji) bibim rice, tofu (yeon dooboo) kimchi rice, cashew kimchi rice, Korean pumpkin (dan ho bak) tomato cheese rice, spicy octopus bulgogi rice

Noodles menu: white cream pasta, chicken teriyaki noodle, chili seafood noodle, pomodoro pasta, cold vegetable bibim noodle, oriental pasta, chicken breast egg noodle (diet), Korean pumpkin gorgonzola cream pasta

Salad menu: mushroom salad (diet), coconut shrimp salad, chicken breast salad, olive pasta salad

Location: Shopping street in Edae. Corner store. Second floor above "lounge wall paper"

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