[Seoul - Myeongdong] Battery Park - "Western-Style" Pub

Battery Park is a western-style pub located in Myeongdong. It's great for after-work drinks or a dinner with friends.

Battery Park is conveniently located in Myeongdong, so it's easily accessible after a day of shopping in Myeongdong or after sightseeing in the Gwanghwamun/City Hall area. Or, in my case, after working in central Seoul.

First off, I tried going in July with a friend. We made it all the way there to eat Oreo bingsu, only to find that they were not serving food at that time. So, keep that in mind. They are not open at 3 or 4pm in the afternoon.

Finally, I made it to Battery Park two weeks before I moved to Japan. I met my unni after work one day. I was late, of course, basically because I had to run through Myungdong to make the appointment and there were a ridiculous number of people, by fifteen minutes but she did not have to wait at all and this was peak dinner time. But, right after I arrived, a TON of people arrived. The post-work rush.

It was easy to see why this place is popular with the post-work crowd. It's not really aimed at the student, as are many of the places I frequent. The offerings are more likely to please the adult palate. The atmosphere is industrial, but trying to be modern.

We were in the mood for pizza and pasta, but the burgers and bar food looked very nice. The fries platter looked really really good and was a very popular order at the tables around us.

My friend ordered an Americano before I arrived. We ordered the Apple Gorgonzola Pizza (16,000KRW) and the Vongole Spaghetti (12,000KRW). We were very pleased with the price since these foods are usually much more expensive than this.

The food arrived and it was also very good. We were both surprised. My friend lives in Apgujeong, so she was mentioning how the food tastes a lot like some of the restaurants there, but the price is a lot cheaper. So, this is a great option if you are in the area north of the Han Gang and you don't want to go all the way to Apgu for some pasta and pizza. The apple gorgonzola pizza was warm slightly sweet. The gorgonzola and walnuts added a nice contrast to the sweet taste of the lightly glazed apples. The walnuts also added a nice crunchy element to the pizza. The Vongole pasta was pretty good, but I think other options may be better. It was a bit too oily for my taste and I'm also not hugest fan of clams, but it was good if you keep my indifference to clams in mind.

Also, the main reason why we came was the "dropped ice cream cone" (7,000KRW). They bring out this black tray pan and it has an ice cream cone with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and matcha powder. As the name implies, it looks like it actually was a dropped ice cream cone!! They also bring you a hammer/metal mallet so you can break the cone. It really is a unique presentation and totally worth the experience. Sadly for me, however, this was a bit of a disappointment after you get past the visual wow factor. The ice cream was SO SO SOOOO sweet! The matcha powder/crystals were not enough to cut the sweetness of the ice cream for me. Also, the cone was a little stale, I think. The process of hammering the cone was fun way to relieve a little workweek stress, but I just wish that the ice cream was a little less sweet and a bit more natural flavor.
From what I watched come out of the kitchen, there are a few dishes I would recommend you to try - the fries platter, the burgers (they come with an ample amount of fries), tomato cheese salad (it's their answer to the ricotta cheese salad trend), and the pig hocks salad or else the pig hocks mushroom risotto. The Oreo bingsoo is also quite popular.

They seemed to have a good beer selection, too, but I didn't look at the menu since we weren't planning on having any beer.

From what we ordered, I do recommend the apple gorgonzola pizza and, for the visual and the experience, the dropped ice cream cone.

Directions: From Myeongdong station (line 4) take exit 4 and walk straight until you get to the "State Tower" building. You should take the outdoor escalator down to the basement by the Starbucks and enter. The restaurant will be on your right after you walk a bit through the corridor.

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