[Seoul - Sinchon] Hello Kitty Cafe - Hello Kitty Themed Cafe

Check out how cute Sinchon's Hello Kitty Cafe is.

This visit to the Hello Kitty cafe, we got 2 Iced Green Tea Lattes with Hello Kitty art and frozen yogurt "service."
I first came across this cafe about 3.5 years ago. I loved coming here to study while I was on exchange at Yonsei University. It was great because it had free wifi and the beverages were relatively inexpensive, so it was great for my student budget. On top of the great price, when you order a latte, you get a cute character art on the top.

"Pink-ccino" and Hot Green Tea Latte
It is also known for waffles, but, sadly, I do not have a picture of that.

The items are actually very reasonably priced now that I think of it, especially when compared to the big chain cafes (ie. Starbucks, Holly's, etc).

Hot espresso beverages - 5000 KRW and below
Hot tea beverages - 4500 KRW and below
Ice beverages - 5000 KRW and below
Fresh fruit juices, "crunchi" and "ccino"s - 6000 KRW

Frozen yogurt "ice cream" - 4,000 KRW. (Topping +500 KRW strawberry, mango, blueberry)
Hello Kitty cake (so cute!) 10,000 KRW
Hellow Kitty Waffles - Caramel or Whipped Cream 3,500 KRW, Chocolate banana or Fruity vanilla 4,000 KRW, Yogurt ice cream waddle 4,500 KRW)

Breads - caramel or chocolate bread 5,500 KRW, yogurt or cheese onion bread 6,500 KRW
These are also quite popular. I recommend the caramel bread. I'm sure the chocolate one is good, too, but I don't care for chocolate very much. 

Hot dogs - 4000 KRW

Cafe Latte

If you want to have the character art on your drink make sure to order one of hot beverages listed below:
Cafe latte, vanilla latte, caramel latte, cafe mocha, caramel mocha, white mocha, green tea latte, goguma (Korean sweet potato) latte (very Korean flavor, I recommend it if you want to try something new that you can't get very many other places in the world), black bean latte, or black tea (earl gray) latte.

The explanation behind the top picture, how we got the frozen yogurt for free, is that we actually ordered hot cafe lattes (crazy, I know, in the middle of Korean summer), but the espresso machine was broken, so they couldn't make us a espresso-based beverage or a hot beverage. So, they gave us our money back and then gave us iced green tea lattes and free frozen yogurt. I'm not positive that the iced drinks will come with character art, but ours did that one strange day.

Here are some pictures of the interior of the cafe. 

Second floor
First floor

The more popular and famous Hello Kitty Cafe is in Hongdae. There are usually so many tourists there, so if you're in Hongdae you can check that one out.

I prefere Sinchon location because I usually go there to study or something, so I like the quietness.

The Sinchon location is pretty easy to find. When you go out of UPlex, cross the street to Nature Republic. Walk straight until you come to the cheap accessory store (the pink one, 못된고양이). At the corner, turn right. You'll see the very obvious Hello Kitty-ness right before you get to the next corner.

Let me know what you order and if you get the character art! 

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