[Seoul - Edae] Herb Cup Chicken - Best Street Food in Seoul! Korean Fried Chicken!

Korean Street Food ALERT! Check out this Herb Cup Chicken the next time you are in Edae!

There are two particular "Herb Cup Chicken" stands that I recommend highly. In the Ewha and Sinchon area, there are about five such stands, but they are actually different. So, when you go, I recommend you look for the men that are featured in the pictures in this post. As I indicated on the Instagram account, I really really like this chicken stand.
I apologize for my lack of posts, I will try to do better in the future. I just moved to Japan week ago and my parents were in Seoul the week prior to my move, so everything was super crazy.

I will write more more about my parents' tour later, but we basically did everything on my itinerary (minus the trip to Mt. Seorak).

So, I discovered this chicken more than three years ago while I was studying at Yonsei as an exchange student. If you know Korea, you know that it is impressive if a store is in business for more than a year.

The chicken cup or box (han sangja) comes with fried chicken covered in a slightly spicy, but yet sweet sauce and some white orange sauce squirted over the top (I've tried to figure out what the sauce is, but I have yet to figure it out, basically because I'm always distracted by eating the delicious chicken to remember to think of the sauce). In addition to the chicken, they include tator tots and some Korean rice cakes (ddeok). Sometimes, you know, you just crave tator tots for no reason at all and these tator tots do not disappoint.

20131020-202512.jpgAs a student, I was on a very tight budget, so the price is right. A small cup jageun cup is 1,000KRW. I know, so cheap, right? There is also a big cup (keun cup) for 2,000KRW. The stand manned by the mustache man also has a bigger cup (wang keun cup) for 3,000KRW. AND, if you are like me and really want to get the best bang for your buck,there is a box for 5,000KRW at both stands. The box is easily enough for three people to share. The small cup has about five pieces of chicken, four tator tots, and maybe two or three pieces of ddeok. So, it is perfect for a snack.

This stand is located on the main road if Sinchon. It is the road you will likely walk along on the way from Edae to Sinchon when you walk past the Migliore building. This ajeosshi is really funny and will make conversation with you.


This stand is the first stand you encounter when you leave exit two of Ewha Women's University station (line 2) and walk toward the main gate of Edae and the shopping area. This ajeosshi is really nice and sometimes gives you extra food if you ask politely.

Small Cup

Box of chicken paired with the "Real Strawberry Milk" from geurida kkum (review to come later). They will wrap the box with foil and a rubber band and put it in a plastic bag for you so you can take it home with you or go and sit near Yes APM and consume it. Just make sure to grab some of the wooden sticks so you can eat it!

Happy eating!

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