Requesting: Tokyo Travel Hints

Hi, I apologize again for my lack of posts this week.
My work was SUPER CRAZY last week and this week will be about as crazy, if not crazier.

As you may know, I am living in Japan now for three months, been here about one month already, so crazy.

I am going to go to Tokyo over New Year's since I have a SUPER long break from work, a full week!
I heard it will be crazy in Tokyo because of the bank holiday and super crazy New Year's sales. I may die.

I have never been to Tokyo and I actually don't know that much about Japan.

Anyone have any suggestions for what to see/do? Of, my personal favorite, any one have any suggestions of where/what to eat? (I know I'm turning the tables and asking you for advice!)

I am going to buy the JR Japan Rail Pass, I'm pretty sure, so anything JR is fine! Any suggestions of a great itinerary?

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