Looking for where to eat like a local, stretch like yourself, and explore like a tourist?
That's just how we live our lives.

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Why Eat.Stretch.Explore?
Eat is for food reviews; reviews of cafes, restaurants, food carts or recipes for our favorites.
Stretch is for downtime activities like book reviews, snacks, exercises, movies, etc.
Explore represents tourist attraction reviews, tips, and itineraries.

The opinions in this blog are just that, our unbiased opinions of experiences we have had, food we've tasted, and products we've tried.

Where I've lived:
Minneapolis, Minnesota --> Washington, DC --> Seoul, South Korea --> New York City, NY --> Seoul, South Korea --> Kobe, Japan --> New York City, NY --> Minnesota --> Seoul, South Korea --> New York City, NY

Where I've visited:
USA, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, England, Canada